End of Quarter Fundraising: Trump

Reviewing the nine end of quarter fundraising emails the Trump campaign sent on the final day of Q2 2020.

End of quarter fundraising is key for every political campaign, but Q2 of election year is particularly important since Q3 is when all of the big ad buys will take place.

Today let’s take a look at the numerous emails sent from the Biden & Trump campaign teams on June 30th, the final day of the quarter – starting with Trump.

The first email I received was from the Trump campaign at two minutes past midnight EST, with the subject line “You up?”. The email goes on to inform me that I have been selected in the top 50 patriots to have my donation matched by 600%.

This has been a really common theme in all of Trump’s emails over the past few weeks – donation matching is a key feature, as is the element of exclusivity.

Trump’s campaign sent a further 8 emails on June 30th, however a couple of them were the same email content with different subject lines. The main points were as follows:

  • Goal of $18million by EOQ
  • $1million to be raised on June 30th
  • Trump will match donations by 600%
  • Trump really wants to see my name on a donation list

Here’s a snippet of the Subject Lines used:

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 3.53.59 PM

For the most part, the Trump campaign tend to use short and snappy Subject Lines, often with ALL CAPS, and they always make use of the sub-head.

In contrast, the Biden campaign use longer, more conversational Subject Lines, and they tend not to use a sub-head, just letting the first line of the email pull in instead:

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 3.58.15 PM

Trump’s Subject Line’s are definitely more click-bait-y, and for this reason I assume they probably have a slightly higher Open Rate.

Nine emails in 24 hours is A LOT, but some of the content was repeated.

For the 12, 6 & 3 hour alert, they just sent the below hyperlinked images embedded within the email, with three separate Subject Lines.

12 hour: “Patriot Alert”
6 hour: “My father requested your help” – sent by Don Jr

I think these automated timed emails are a pretty good idea, and an easy way to plan & schedule content in advance. However, it does run the risk of driving unsubscribes pretty quickly.

All of Trump’s EOQ emails focus heavily on the fact that the end of the quarter is approaching and fundraising is critical, but none focus on the issues, and other than the very first email there’s no mention of Biden, Democrats or the “radical left” – a strange departure for him.

Subject Lines: 7/10 – Highly likely to get me to open, but docking marks because none were personalized.

Personalization: 7/10 – Within the body of the email, my name & donation records ($0) were mentioned numerous times, but docking marks for no mention of Zip Code or State.

Content: 4/10 – I felt the content was pretty weak overall. There was no mention as to why donations were needed, what they were needed for, why the EOQ results were so important to the campaign. Given that they had no reservations about sending out NINE emails in 24 hours, they could have used even one of these to elaborate on why fundraising was so important.

CTA: 9/10 – Very clear, very prominent. No confusion about what Trump wants me to do. Showing the matched amount (eg. $20 = $120) on the CTA buttons is a pretty good technique, and would make me feel like my donation is going further.

Donate: 7/10 – As above, the CTA buttons were great but I don’t know why Team Trump needs my money, since he’s already a billionaire.

TOTAL: 34/50

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