End of Quarter Fundraising: Biden

Reviewing the six end of quarter fundraising emails the Biden campaign sent on the final day of Q2 2020.

Q2 Fundraising is huge for all political candidates, but particularly for the Biden campaign who are relying far more on grassroots donations than Trump.

We’ve already broken down the nine emails sent from the Trump campaign on June 30th, so now let’s look at Biden’s.

Team Biden sent less emails overall, with the first EOQ one sent the evening of Jun 29th, at 7pm EST.

The Subject Line was simple – “let’s keep this short” – and the content itself set a goal of 3million online donations by midnight on June 30th.

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 3.58.15 PM

Team Biden sent five further emails after this over the course of the next 24 hours, and I really appreciated the level of personalization within them.

Two contained my name in the Subject Line, one mentioned my State, and all emails contained my name in the body copy. This contrasted Trump’s strategy, whereby none of his nine emails had my name in the Subject Line, and none mentioned my State in the body copy either.

Team Biden seem to be trying out some new content features, and have been recently making use of GIFs in emails:

I like the first GIF a lot – it says:

“Grassroots supporters like you chipping in $5 or $10 are what powers this campaign now.”

Such a simple sentence – but let’s break it down.

Firstly, it emphasizes Team Biden’s reliance on grassroots supporters like meThis is in contrast to campaigns using Super PAC money, or self-funded billionaires. Biden needs us.

Secondly, the donation amounts mentioned are small, $5 or $10, which ties in to the body copy & CTA buttons later in the email.

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.22.36 PM

I’m fairly sure the amount prompted in this email was so low because I hadn’t donated using this email address before; if I had been an existing donor they probably would have pushed for $20.

With this in mind, I’m not sure if the amount referenced in the GIF intentionally matched that in the CTA, but either way I really appreciated that they were aligned.

Thirdly – Biden tells us that our donation “powers the campaign”. Again, this is really simple but knowing that my donation will power the Biden campaign is a big deal. Trump was missing this statement of purpose from all of his EOQ emails.

Biden’s final email of the night was particularly strong, and – full disclosure – it did in fact result in me donating $20.


As above, this email contains all of the content that was missing from Trump’s NINE emails – why you need me to donate.

It’s personal to my state “another 405 supporters from California” – this appears both relevant and quantifiable, and it’s down from the 675 mentioned in the subject line of an earlier email, which indicates to me that other Californians have chipped in to support Joe.

It also calls out all of Trump’s shortcomings over the past few weeks – the scene at Lafayette square, the Tulsa rally, the testing scandal. This stuff seems really obvious, but when we compare this content to Trump’s sparse EOQ emails, with no mention of current events or indeed his opponents, this comes across as much more familiar in tone.

The resounding mantra of the Biden campaign has been “whatever you’ve done so far is not enough.”. which is a clear call out to combat the apathy amongst supporters during the Clinton campaign in 2016.

I like how they bring in this & President Obama’s support in the final email of the evening. It also prevents people from excusing themselves from donating because they did last week or last month or last quarter.

Overall, pretty good strategy, and as mentioned it did solicit a donation from me.

Subject Line: 7/10 – I like that they’re personalized, but given the urgency of these particular emails and the fact that they would benefit from as many opens as possible, I think it might have been the right time to use a stronger, more click-bait-y style Subject Line.

Personalization: 10/10 – I’ve covered this all above, but the emails were perfectly personalized from my name, to my State, to my donation record.

Content: 9/10 – Much better than Trump’s – very current, relevant to ongoing issues & the opposition, but I would have loved to see more explanation of why EOQ deadlines are so important. Team Beto used to do this really well – here’s an example from an email they sent at the end of Q2 2019:

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.46.35 PM.png

I loved Beto’s emails, SO much.

CTA: 9/10 – It’d be pretty hard to get the Calls to Action wrong in an EOQ fundraising email. They were all clear and to the point.

Donate: 10/10 – From the Subject Lines to the Content to the CTAs, donations were completely covered.

TOTAL : 45/50

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