Biden Reacts To Tulsa Rally

Team Biden were quick to respond to Trump’s Tulsa rally with an email sent late Saturday night.

On Saturday June 20th President Trump held a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the middle of a global pandemic, and what happened next… was inspiring.

6,200 people attended the 19,000 seater stadium. The empty seats were blue.

The outdoor stage had to be dismantled since there was no overflow.

It was just, beautiful.

Joe Biden’s team sent out an email just after the event ended, which was timely.

I received this email at 11.05pm ET on Saturday June 20th.


The subject line opens with one of Team Joe’s fave techniques: “re:”.

I’m not a huge fan, but it’s pretty self-explanatory and timely, so I’ll let them away with it.

The email was personalized, and mentions my name not once but TWICE.

The content itself is… a bit meh.

Let’s break it down:

I like how they call him Donald Trump rather than President Trump; a nice touch.

They refer to the small crowds, which is great. I think they could have blown this up a bit more, but as this email was being sent immediately after the event they were probably right to be cautious, especially with stories breaking of TikTok users rigging the ticket system.

They briefly mention the abomination that was Trump’s speech. I really think they could have delved into this more; they kept it very top level and there were a lot more topics they could have referenced here.

Then we get to the real objective of this email: donate.

They tie this in nicely “So Keira, that’s where you come in.”

It was a nice segue into asking for a donation; I appreciated it.

The donation CTA’s are fairly standard for Team Joe at this stage, with direct buttons that drive to his Act Blue site. As always, there are a few different options, which are likely personalized based on previous donations.

Overall, this email could have been better. Beto O’Rourke’s team were FANTASTIC at sending responsive post-event emails, so I would have liked to see something more along those lines.

Subject Line: 6/10 – It gets the job done but it could have been stronger, given the multitude of news stories circulating about the rally.

Personalization: 9/10 – Overall it’s pretty great; it mentions my name twice, plus when I click thru my name/email address/cell number are all captured in the URL string. Docked one mark for not including my name in the subject line.

Content: 5/10 – The premise of this email was great, I was really excited to open it and see Team Joe tear Trump & his rally apart, but I was left disappointed.

CTA: 8/10 – The Call to Action was clear, and as mentioned they segued into it nicely so it didn’t just appear out of nowhere.

Donate: 9/10 – As always emails from Democrats make it very clear how you can donate, and usually give a few options. Docking a mark as I think they could have expanded on what my donation would be used for.

TOTAL: 37/50


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