Biden vs Trump: Welcome Emails

Comparing the welcome emails from the Biden & Trump campaigns.

Today it’s time to compare the welcome emails sent by campaigns for both 2020 Presidential Candidates. Remember, this is the very first email that a supporter gets when they sign up to a candidates mailing list, so there’s a lot to play for here!

It killed me to sign up for Trump’s mailing list, but look, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Biden’s Welcome Email

I received this at 10am on July 16th 2019, very early on in the Democratic primaries last year. For the purpose of research, I also re-subscribed to Biden using a different email address last week to see if his welcome email had changed since he’s become the presumptive nominee, and *spoiler alert* it hasn’t.

I though this seemed strange since Biden’s Digital team has been overhauled over the past few months, with Rob Flaherty (previously Beto O’Rourke’s campaign) taking over as Digital Director. As campaigns go, the welcome email probably isn’t high on the priority list for thing’s to update, but maybe it should be.

The Subject Line is simple – “You’re on the list!”.

I’m not a huge fan. It doesn’t specify what list, it doesn’t welcome me, it’s not personalized. screencapture-mail-google-mail-u-0-2020-06-17-18_59_35-edit

The email isn’t personalized to me. It doesn’t include my name. Not impressed.

The content of the email is direct and to the point, and it clearly calls out next steps I can take to help the Biden campaign. I like that there are a couple of different Calls to Action; something to suit everyone, but I do think it feels very much like an email from the early primaries.

There’s the suggestion of a donation, but no suggested amount, no donate buttons, and no real reason why I should donate. Overall, I can’t imagine this has a huge CTR.

Subject Line: 3/10 – Not personalized, doesn’t encourage me to open the email.

Personalization: 5/10 – Nothing within the body copy is personalized. I would have expected to see my name at least, or my zipcode. As this is the first campaign email received I’m being a bit more lenient in my marking, but the more the campaign learns about me, the more personalized I want my emails to be.

Content: 6/10 – The content had clear objectives, and exactly what I would need if I was new to the campaign back in July 2019. However since this is still the email they’re sending in June 2020, I’m docking marks for not putting in a hard ask.

CTA: 4/10 – There are plenty of CTA’s within this email, but clear easy to click buttons.

Donate: 4/10 – As with the content this donation CTA would have been fine in July 2019, but I think they could have stepped it up by now. I would have liked to see a couple of donate buttons; an average donation amount; or more of an explanation as to what the funds will help with.

TOTAL: 22/50

Now onto Trump’s first campaign email…

I’ve only just signed up to Trump’s campaign today, so I don’t have anything from July 2019 to compare to Biden’s email above.

I received a welcome email from his campaign about 14 hours after I signed up for the mailing list. My millennial brain feels like this is way too slow, I would have expected it instantly, but I’m probably not his target audience anyway.

The subject line is great, unfortunately. “Welcome to the team, Keira.”

It’s personalized, it feels familiar, it welcomes me to the campaign.screencapture-mail-google-mail-u-0-2020-06-17-18_55_55-edit

The email opens with the campaign logo, and the email body copy is also personalized, which I like. The tone feels true to Trump, with the ALL CAPS, and aggressive language.

The content of the email feels… strange? I signed up to his mailing list, and the first CTA is for me to sign up for his text list? It seems counter-intuitive, as a supporter I’ve indicated that email is my preference so this is a bit frustrating. This may reflect the Trump campaign’s wider digital strategy, and perhaps indicates that his target audience are less likely to engage with emails.

There are THREE Calls to Action within this email, and every single one of them is a prompt for me to give them my phone number. There’s no information about volunteering, no suggestion to donate… It just seems like they’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities here.

I am dying at the picture of him in the signature. I mean it’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it… But just… OF COURSE he signs off an email with a picture of himself.

Subject Line: 10/10 – It does the job perfectly.

Personalization: 8/10 – It contains about as much personalization as an initial email ever could. I think if they used my name a second time after the CTA it would have gotten full marks.

Content: 2/10 – I’m truly baffled by this approach of instantly moving email supporters to text.

CTA: 7/10 – The CTA is really prominent and it’s very clear what Trump wants you to do.

Donate: 0/10 – I couldn’t donate to the Trump campaign if I wanted to off the back of this email.

TOTAL: 27/50

Trump’s welcome email trumps Biden’s, but only barely! Both campaigns could improve a lot here, but while the tweaks needed within Biden’s email are superficial, Trump’s entire email strategy seems insane to me!

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