Obama & Biden – Their First Virtual Q&A

An email from Barack Obama in June 2020, sent on behalf of the Biden campaign.

In my last post I analyzed the very first email I’d ever received from Obama, so now let’s look at the most recent.


The sender for this email was Barack Obama, although the actual campaign itself is Joe Biden for President.

I received this at 3.13pm EST on June 16th 2020, with an intriguing Subject Line:

“Do you want to chat with Joe and me next week?”

I mean first of all, OF COURSE. Second of all – great subject line. It pulls you in. It’s familiar. We’re all on first name terms.


The email itself is SO long compared to its 2008 counterpart, so I’ve had to split it in half.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 9.58.09 PM

The Biden logo is prominent within the email header – even though this email is from Obama there’s no mistaking who he’s sending it on behalf of.

It opens with my name, which is always nice and feels well thought out – a sign of a good Email Marketer.

The opening paragraph summarizes two of the key topics that are relevant for Americans right now – health insurance (COVID-19) and equality (Black Lives Matter).

It then brings in the element of urgency – “This is a critical moment in our history”, followed by a hard ask “Keira, I hope you’ll join us for our first virtual grassroots event on Tuesday, June 23, at 5.15pm EST.”

This a fantastic Call to Action. It’s personal, direct and specific. We know exactly what Obama wants us to do, and when.

It then follows up with a hyperlink, asking me to chip in $5, or any amount I can, to RSVP.

I like that the ask is low, it seems like nothing for the chance to join a Q&A with Obama and Biden!

When I click thru, this is the landing page I’m brought to:


Once again, it says I can chip in anything, but i love that it says “most people are chipping in $25!” – a great up-sell technique to encourage me to donate more once I’ve actually shown some intent and landed on the page.

When I go to actually donate, it auto-selects $35, another great up-sell technique. I think after the $25 push this might be a bit of overkill, but hey it could be working wonders!

Back to the email

After the hyperlink, we see a number of buttons with various dollar amounts that we can click on.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.21.45 PM

This is great in two ways:

  1. It gives the subscriber the choice to decide what they can afford to donate
  2. It allows the Biden campaign to A/B test varying amounts and get a greater understanding as to which button users are most likely to click on.

Obama wraps it up with some nice reassuring metrics similar to what we saw in David Plouffe’s email in 2008 – “grassroots donors have contributed 97% of donations to this campaign.”

This figure has certainly changed since 2008, but once again emphasizes the importance that email campaigns such as this plays in the fundraising efforts.

Underneath Obama’s signature, there is the option to unsubscribe for two weeks if you need a break due to COVID-19, which is a nice alternative to a full un-subscription.

The footer of the email is much more expansive than what we saw in 2008, and looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.26.03 PM

There are links to all of the Biden campaign’s socials, which is fairly standard these days.

I like that they’ve included another CTA button, in the FOOTER! Bold move, would love to see the CTR’s on that versus the earlier buttons!

The unsubscribe options are great. They start by reaffirming why they need you to subscribe, but then give you a few options to cut down on the frequency at which you’re receiving your emails. Overall, great email.


Subject Line: 9/10 – Highly intriguing, familiar, and has a CTA within it. It would have gotten full marks if it had included my name.

Personalization: 9/10 – It opens with my name, and calls out my name numerous times within. Again I docked a mark because the Subject Line didn’t include my name.

Content: 10/10 – This email was really well structured, relevant to the current news cycle, had a clear objective and strong call to action.

CTA: 8/10 – Numerous CTA buttons appear throughout, and are clear and prominent. There’s also a strong CTA within the body copy too, which doesn’t always work but I liked it here. I think the email would have benefitted from a softer CTA after the strong Donation content, perhaps to register for phonebanking or to submit a question for the virtual event etc.

Donate: 10/10 – There are numerous prompts to donate within this email, and it’s linked directly with ActBlue Express which makes donating really easy for existing users.

TOTAL: 46/50

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